Super small size Zhaga Book 20 
occupancy, daylight
and circadiam rhythm feature
Bluetooth low-bay

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Our product portfolio for your lighting projects

Motion & Daylight Sensors

PIR and Microwave sensors suitable for ceiling heights from 2m to 20m, available for built-in or standalone installation types. Integrated power supplies and bluetooth for an autonomous lighting control.

LED Drivers

Indoor LED Driver with wireless Bluetooth control and wired options like DALI, 1-10V, and more. Enjoy simple On/Off control and energy-efficient dimming with a protocol that suits your setup.

LED Drivers & Sensor Combo

2-in-1 LED Driver + Sensor head. Choose the right motion, occupancy, or light sensor for your smart luminaire and control seamless individual lights or entire groups wireless via Bluetooth.

Emergency LED Drivers & Inverters

Emergency lighting components featuring Bluetooth and DALI control. Eliminate manual testing and generate automated reports directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Modular Wiring Systems

Quick connection boxes and pre-wired cables simplify your project's installation process by allowing you to easily plug in luminaires, sensors, and emergency systems, reducing wiring mistakes.

Controllers & Dimmers

Lighting control devices for on/off, DALI, 0-10V, phase-cut, or Bluetooth wireless control seamlessly integrate into your specific needs, whether installed in luminaires, switch boxes, or mounting boxes, for a clean, modern look.

System Level Components

Connected devices, such as gateways and switches, allow you to monitor and control your lighting installation.

PCBA Modules

For the most advanced users, integrate our Bluetooth control stack and diverse dimming interfaces directly into your products using our PCBAs. We empower you to create innovative lighting solutions.


Remote controllers, lenses, antennas, and a wide range of accessories help you commission and complete your perfect lighting solution.