Product information "HBEM8200D/F"

HBEM8200D/F is a wireless DALI/Bluetooth converter designed for professional applications. Its primary function is to monitor and assess the status of DALI/DALI2 emergency drivers. In the meantime, it enables users to manage and customize monthly functional and annual duration tests based on the Koolmesh Emergency system. The high-end Koolmesh platform provides powerful and convenient features, for users, they can effortlessly view, edit, and oversee the entire emergency system; for features, scheduling a monthly self-test or annual self-test in the app, checking the DALI/DALI2 emergency drivers’ status, including automatic email notification upon detecting the fault, automatic monthly/annually (functional/duration test) emergency report generation, etc. All the settings and parameters can be set in Koolmesh app, all the information such as reports can be viewed and downloaded from Koolmesh IoT platform.

In addition, HBEM8200D/F can work as a normal Bluetooth dimmer with 100mA DALI PSU integrated, it can control serval DALI/DALI2 DT6 or DT8 drivers at the same time.

Ambient temperature max.: 50 °C
Ambient temperature min.: -20 °C
Category - Emergency LED Drivers & Inverters: Bluetooth-to-DALI Emergency Converter/Translator
Humidity max: 90 %
Humidity min: 20 %
IP Rate: IP20
Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Product height: 18.0000 mm
Product length: 58.0000 mm
Product width: 46.0000 mm
Storage temperature max.: 60 °C
Storage temperature min.: -20 °C

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